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Percocet Abuse Facts

Percocet Abuse

Percocet Abuse Facts

Many people do not consider the abuse of prescription drugs as abuse for that matter. This is due to the fact that the drugs are legal and readily available in hospitals and other medical institutions. However, this notion is misguided and it is very far from the truth. Abusing prescription drugs is just as serious as abusing other illegal drugs that are normally found on the streets.

It is therefore extremely important for people to arm themselves with Percocet abuse facts so that they can make wise decisions when faced with situations that may lead them unknowingly into the throes of addiction. In other words, it is essential to have full awareness with regards to statistics concerning Percocet abuse. This will give a person the essential tools needed in order to avert the temptation of abusing these prescription drugs. The following are a number of essential Percocet abuse facts that you should learn about:

1. The most important fact that all Americans need to know is that the abuse of Percocet affects everyone. This is a statement that was released by the National Institute of Health and it also says this problem affects everyone around and not just the abusers themselves.

2. Statistics reveal that Percocet abuse, together with drug abuse in general, cost the United States over $484 billion dollars each and every year. This is a figure that is inclusive of health care expenses (plus the way people abuse the system), lost wages in jobs, crime, traffic accidents and also increased expenses within the criminal justice system.

Percocet Abuse3. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released statistics that show that approximately 10% to 22% of car crashes were as a result of drivers who were driving while under the influence of drugs. This is one of the Percocet abuse facts that really advocates the need for everyone to be weary, and exercise extreme caution whenever utilizing these drugs.

4. It is a well know fact that the abuse of drugs, including Percocet, is responsible for a vast number of the crimes that are committed across the country. More than half of the suspects who are arrested because of violent crimes, such as assault and battery, or homicide,  are usually found under the influence of some type of drugs at the time of the arrest.

5. Another one of the Percocet abuse facts that most people know about is the role that stress plays in this addiction. Most of the people who abuse Percocets are usually quite stressed and perhaps even depressed. This is usually the main reason that leads them to start abusing this drug, in a bid to escape reality and feel better.

6. One of the saddest Percocet abuse facts is that approximately 2/3 of the people who abuse this drug were either physically or sexually abused while they were still children. This was established when psychologists were searching for answers with regards to why people abuse prescription drugs.

In conclusion, most of these facts about Percocet abuse apply to most other prescription drugs that are abused as well. This is due to the fact that the patterns of drug abuse, and the reasons behind it are very similar.