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Percocet Abuse Signs

Percocet Abuse

Percocet Abuse Signs

People who are addicted to Percocet will sooner or later start to exhibit signs of abuse or addiction although most of them will most likely not accept it when confronted. People that abuse this drug normally do not have any control over it but rather it is the other way around since it ends up being the drug that actually controls them.

One of the main signs of Percocet abuse is when an individual starts becoming more deceitful. It will be noticed that they have started to make a lot of excuses, cover up lies and in the process they end up hurting the people who are close to them. Many times, individuals who have found themselves addicted to this drug often seem to be helpless and the truth of the matter is that they actually are. Since people are different, then the way that they may react to  a confrontation about the signs they’re revealing, and eventually accepting that they have a problem, varies greatly.

There are plenty of signs of Percocet abuse which are quite general and yet  they can be spotted quite easily by someone observant. Since the user will need to have the drug on a regular basis they will certainly keep a very steady supply for themselves. There are many people who know that they are addicted to this drug and yet they have failed to stop the behavior nonetheless, such is the dilemma of addiction.

There are people who will go to the extent of doing illegal activities once they have reached a point of desperation. This is due to the fact that this is a prescription drug and it requires a prescription from a doctor or medical practitioner. Since acquiring one when your body doesn’t actually need it is impossible, this then leads to manipulation so that the drug can be acquired.

Percocet AbusePeople who are abusing this drug and are desperate, who as aforementioned end up involving themselves in illegal activities, usually end up bigger trouble.

One of the signs that you should look out for in your loved one who you suspect is abusing this drug is overall behavior changes. People that abuse this drug usually appear somewhat off when they have not taken the dosage that they are accustomed to. Surprisingly, when they take the drug they appear to be their normal self again.

This is one of the signs of Percocet abuse that can easily let you know when a loved one is addicted. When you are seeking the ideal method you can help your loved one who is addicted to this drug, you should take into consideration that most addicts do not even know that they are actually addicted.

This means that it is important for you to take the necessary steps that will help you to seek the needed help for your loved one, in spite the fact of how convincing they can be that there is no problem. This is referred to as denial. D.E.N.I.A.L. stands for ‘don’t even know I am lying’. This is a common expression in NA and AA, thus you are definitely not alone in this, and help is available.

Other signs of Percocet abuse that you should also look out for include: a severe decline in the person’s appearance and personal hygiene, eating improperly, needle marks, weight loss, red eyes, puffy face, empty stares, laziness or being too hyper, lack of co-ordination, dilated pupils, full of many excuses and unexplained financial troubles. When you observe even one of these signs of Percocet abuse, please start thinking about looking into getting help, this drug is dangerous under severe conditions.