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Percocet Abuse Symptoms

Percocet Abuse

Percocet Abuse Symptoms

There are many symptoms which are associated to Percocet abuse. Although many people who abuse this drug usually hide their habit from their families and friends, they sooner or later start exhibiting specific symptoms. Since this drug is highly addictive, this means that most people who abuse this drug end up not having control the situation. Rather than having control, it ends up that the drug is the one that is actually controlling them. There are people who exhibit certain symptoms of Percocet abuse more quickly than others. This is due to the fact that the drug does not have the same effects on everyone. It does not discriminate.

The main symptom that gives most people who are abusing this drug away is when an individual becomes deceitful. This normally happens because they are trying to conceal their habit. In addition to this, these individuals also lie because they usually find themselves in financial trouble which is brought about by this habit, as the vicious circle begins. The symptoms of Percocet abuse are also very difficult to detect because they are very similar to some less threatening situations. You can easily find out that your loved one is addicted to a drug, but pin pointing which drug it is is where the challenge lies.

One of the most significant symptoms of Percocet abuse that you should look out for in an individual is any signs of helplessness. Most of the people that abuse this drug end up seeming very helpless, and it usually shows in their faces and general behaviors. In addition to this, many will make a lot of excuses since the abuse of Percocet has rendered them incapable of meeting their responsibilities. When the situation gets like this, these people will usually lie and come up with many excuses in order to cover up the mistakes caused by the drug.

Percocet AbuseThis is very bad because it usually makes these people hurt their loved ones and people who are very close to them. Once you have noticed that a loved one is crossing that line, you can choose to confront them if that situation seems a feasible one. Most individuals who abuse this drug usually do not accept easily that they do, so this is also another symptom that you can come across. This is a form of denial that is very common. The symptoms of Percocet abuse usually depend on the degree of dependence that the person has to the drug.

Most people who abuse this drug usually find themselves in big legal and financial troubles. This is due to the fact that this is a prescription drug and getting a constant supply from a doctor is relatively hard. Therefore, what most people end up doing is forging prescription documents or going to different doctors so that they can get a constant supply, called doctor shopping.

Other symptoms of Percocet abuse that you should also be on the look out for include needle marks, a puffy face, a decline of personal appearance and hygiene, loss of appetite, loss of weight, empty stares, lack of coordination, they are suddenly full of numerous excuses, financial problems that are unexplained and either being too lazy or too hyper, much out of their element. Please look into assistance for your loved one immediately whence you detect even one of these signs in which we have gone over.